Summary: This sample includes 31 control adults (11M/20F; ages: 24-60). In addition to the resting state scan this sample includes physiological measurements (heart rate and breathing) obtained during the resting state scan. During the resting state scan participants were instructed to close their eyes and try to remain as still as possible. No visual stimulus was presented and no further instructions were given.

This sample was previously released as "Cleveland" under the 1000 Functional Connectomes Classic Collection, the current re-release was improved by including physiological data obtained during the resting state scans.

The following data are released for every participant:


Mark Lowe, Erik Beall, Michael Phillips

We would like to acknowledge the Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center staff who contributed to the successful acquisition of this data: Katherine Koenig, Craig Horenstein, Blessy Mathews, Devyani Bedekar, Derrek Tew and John Cowan.




Creative Commons License: Attribution - Non-Commercial

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